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Become a LUPUS EUROPE Trustee

As per our Constitution, the general management of LUPUS EUROPE is undertaken by up to six trustees, elected by Council and who hold office for three years. Two trustee positions are up for election every year at the Council meeting. If you, or anyone in your national team, would be interested in joining LUPUS EUROPE’s Board of trustees, please do consider applying. Renewing trustees is essential to an organisation’s growth and efficiency.

To better understand what being a trustee entails, why not look at LUPUS EUROPE’s blog, or reach out to one of our current trustees (see below)? The Charities Commission’s website also has extensive explanations which you may find of interest.

Here is what Anne Charlet said about being a LUPUS EUROPE Trustee:

“The meeting schedule involves a Skype call once a month, two face-to-face board of trustee meetings per year (usually a full weekend in a convenient European city), and the meetings at the Convention. Each trustee will have one or more projects. Depending on the position, the projects and degree of availability, each trustee should count on several hours of personal work per month. However, there is a lot of flexibility within the board which works together as a team, taking over tasks from each other if one person is unavailable or ill, for example. If you wish to do so, you would also have the opportunity to represent LUPUS EUROPE in external meetings, being the patient voice or ears in projects or conferences.
It is fascinating work and helpful to so many people. Working on the board of LUPUS EUROPE allows one to feel as if they are really making a difference by participating in the advancement of the cause of people living with lupus throughout Europe and even the world.
Please consider giving some of your time to a worthy cause so close to your heart.

The board comprises six trustees. Two positions are up for election every year. Based on our constitution, applicants are elected as Trustees. After election, the trustees assign, amongst themselves, the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Chair (or Vice-Chair) conducts trustees meetings and Council and is responsible for the taking of any urgent action between meetings of the trustees or Council. The Secretary is responsible for the minutes, notification of meetings, preparation of the Agenda, and all correspondence in connection with meetings of the trustees and Council. The Treasurer is responsible for the proper management of the funds, receiving dues and contributions, publication of accounts and the recommendation of Auditors to the trustees. Charity officers (Chair and Treasurer) don’t have any extra powers or responsibilities than the other trustees. All trustees are equally responsible for finances, for example.

The full text of the constitution, where Title 6 is dedicated to trustees is accessible here. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our trustees for more information.
To apply, please fill in the form provide here