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LUPUS EUROPE - is the common voice of all Europeans with Lupus.

It is the forum where the national groups meet, exchange ideas, experience and introduce new initiatives. It’s also the forum aspiring to present inspiration and concrete tools for new advancements under any current agenda for each member to bring back to own organization to be used.

LUPUS EUROPE is also the common forum where any issues too large or complex for the individual, national groups can be handled. Here we’re especially thinking of being involved in political and medical new developments for the benefit of any person with Lupus in Europe: Clinical trials, push for an agenda with a patient oriented focus, creating awareness of our special situation of neither having a disease of little known repute or greater understanding of its implications to person, family, career and social role.

Beside the projects initiated by LUPUS EUROPE, we are focused on the coordination of the World Lupus Day between our member organisations.

Please feel free to contact us if you require our assistance for any lupus event you are planning.