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Make Lupus work

Make LUPUS Work
works for you!

Lupus has life changing consequences when only 52% are in employment. The change happens within a year for about 28% after diagnosis. Time of diagnosis is in average at 37 years of age, 9 out of ten are women.

It is important to bring awareness to lupus and the impact this disease has on the individual as well as family, work relations and society as a whole.

Delegates from the 23 national lupus groups stand together and support this message in the member organizations and throughout Europe.

Results of the first Living with Lupus Survey (2009) – LUPUS EUROPE and Lupus Foundation of America – drew attention to the detrimental effect lupus has on the career/work of many people with lupus. It was agreed that further research was needed.
2010 the second Living with Lupus Survey: Career/Work Situation was set up on-line in the 5 main languages used within LUPUS EUROPE. The organizing committee consists of a team representing LUPUS EUROPE Medical Panel, UCB Pharmaceutical SA and LUPUS EUROPE Members. The results are now referred to as LUPUS European Online – LEO.

For further information please contact: chair@lupus-europe.org